Food cluster of south-savo

The starting point for the strategy for the South Savo Food Cluster was an analysis of the current situation in the food sector in the region and the vision of the development programme: ”Responsible, successful and resilient South Savo food sector”. The strategy covers the vision, mission and strategic focus choices of the food cluster for 2023-2027.

Vision of the South Savo Food Cluster (target year 2027)

We are a nationally and internationally recognized network for the sustainable food sector.


We are a developer, a match maker and an advocate of the responsible food sector in South Savo.

We work for that

  • The food sector in South Savo is vibrant, forward-looking and innovative.
  • The food sector in South Savo has a positive atmosphere, courage for new experiments and a strong culture of working together.
  • South Savo’s food sector draws lessons and profit from internationalization.
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Priorities for 2023-2024

New operating models

We pilot operating models and a service network for cluster operations.
We concretize and communicate the opportunities provided by cluster operations to both the companies and the stakeholders.

Renewing competence

We follow the food sector’s phenomena and trends and package related information into events, workshops or participate and involve companies and partners in the best events of the others’.
We learn about the use of digitalization and technology in the development, decision-making, services and marketing of the food sector.

Special South Savo

We participate in campaigns, events and experiments to strengthen the specificities of the food sector in South Savo (e.g. the European Region of Gastronomy 2024 jubilee).
We get the food industry influencers and operators acquainted with the South Savo food sector in cooperation with other actors.

International growth

We collect and respond to the competence needs relating to internationalization (e.g. trade fairs and study trips).
We operate in international networks (e.g. European Cluster Collaboration Platform) as a link to the food sector in South Savo.
Measures in line with the priorities will be implemented primarily through two food cluster development projects in South Savo. Gradually, other resources supporting the implementation of the strategy will also be sought.

Aiming for a sustainable and successful food chain

The operation of the food chain is based on openness, trust and equal partnerships. The food industry takes advantage of new business opportunities, practices, know-how and technologies.

Vitality with South Savo Food Cluster

South Savo has a strong food identity and regional food culture. The food field operates profitably, sustainably and responsibly

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